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December 19, 2007
Clinton Says She Was Presidential in Hostage Crisis

August 7, 2007
Bush Okays Colonoscopy as a Form of Legitimate Torture

July 25, 2007
US Bans Imported Chinese Slave Meat

June 7, 2007
Dr. Phil Offers to Cure Rosie's "Lesbian Rage"

May 30, 2007
Gonzales to Enter Witness Protection Program

May 23, 2007
Former Bush Family Pet Announces Presidential Run

May 16, 2007
Al Gore: "˜I'm Carbon Neutral Because I Sh*t All the Carbon I Eat'

May 9, 2007
Republican Debate a Setback for Evolution

May 2, 2007
Democrats Debate, All Sink in Polls

April 25, 2007
Australians Are Proud They Still Own the Mass Murder Record

April 18, 2007
Corzine Will Govern With Grunts and Groans

April 11, 2007
Don Imus: "˜Imus Be Going'

April 4, 2007
Syrian Leader Offers Pelosi Explosives

March 28, 2007
Edwards: "˜My Wife's Illness Can Progress Without Me Being There'

March 21, 2007
Ann Coulter Comes Out of the Closet On a Howard Stern Broadcast

March 14, 2007
Worried About Couric's Ratings, CBS Fires Producer, Gives Her a Raise

March 7, 2007
Taco Bell Rolls Out Rat Menu Nationwide

February 28, 2007
Al Gore Livid at Oscar Night Recount

February 21, 2007
Democrats Use Non-Binding Resolutions to Govern

February 14, 2007
Obama: 'Lack of Experience My Greatest Asset,' and Other Whoppers

February 7, 2007
Blacks Agree With Biden: Obama Not Black Enough

January 31, 2007
Scientists Cure Gay Sheep - PETA and Gays Outraged

January 24, 2007
Scenes From the State of the Union Speech 2007

January 17, 2007
Trump and Rosie Bury the Hatchet, Have Greatest Making-Up Sex Ever

January 10, 2007
Democrats Celebrate Seizing Power, and Begin the Pork

January 3, 2007
Saddam Will Be Remembered for Being Hung and Well Hung

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