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MTV Wins Nobel Prize for Not Showing Eminen's Ass

eminem horror

STOCKHOLM — MTV, beleaguered ever since Janet Jackson's breast-baring performance during this year's Super Bowl, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Humanity this week following its decision to edit out a shot of black-wannabe rapper, Eminem, dropping his pants and mooning the audience at the 2004 MTV Movie Awards.

Loping onstage during the Saturday night taping, Eminem appeared dressed in a long red wig, jeans and a studded codpiece, which he repeatedly groped for the thousands of live audience members. Near the end of the nut-scratching choreography, he pulled down his trousers and flashed his bare butt-cheeks to the horror-struck crowd. Blinded by spotlights reflecting off his nearly phosphorescent ass, several audience members had to be removed and treated for shock and "overexposure to one really ugly white ass," according to medical officials.

The Movie Awards are perhaps the pinnacle of meaningless awards MTV bestows upon mediocre celebrities in such revered categories as "Most Desirable Male,"ť "Most Desirable Female," "Best Kiss," "Best Fight" and "Entertainer Most Likely to go Totally Douche Bag." MTV says Eminem's performance during Saturday night's taping will be "sanitized for [Thursday evening's] broadcast".

MTV would neither confirm nor deny rumors that the rapper will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award for "Biggest White Asshole" in 2005.

Mark Fisher

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