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Michael Jordan to Market Condoms for Nike
... Full story

Democratic Convention Opens with All-Star Girlie-Man Revue
... Full story

Chalabi Recommends Bush Choose Inspector Clouseau as Head of New CIA-FBI Agency
... Full story

Discovery Channel Proves that Columbus Was Italian, But Was Also Gay and a Lover of Disco
Read the review! Here the soundtrack!... Full story

Lance Armstrong Launched Into Space With a One-Way Ticket
... Full story

Kerry and Edwards Are Both Breast Men
... Full story

Bush Murders 50 People: Soars Ahead in Polls
... Full story

Martha Stewart is 'The Numberplater' - "I'll Be Back"
... Full story

Spot the Rich Guy
... Full story

Mike's Independent Films
... Full story

Untamed Love: Britney Spears
Comic book cover by blorno... Full story

Comics We'd Like to See: Divorce, B.C
With apologies to B.C.... Full story

You're a Failure!

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