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Kerry Shows Off Purple Hard
... Full story

Bush Gets Confused on the Campaign Trail
... Full story

Kerry's Acceptance Speech Stresses Hope - "I Hope I Win"
... Full story

Bush Criticizes DNC For Having Obama Speak at Convention
... Full story

Kerry Holds a Second Convention; This Time His 'Band of Brothers' Are Hippies With Whom He Used to Smoke Dope
... Full story

John Kerry is Really a French Spy Named 'Jean Le Karre'
... Full story

Arnold Finds a Girlie-Man He Likes
... Full story

Bush Administration Says Mexican Attack on the Alamo Was Lawful
... Full story

Actors Found to Have No Real Talent
... Full story

Separated at Birth: Val Kilmer and Gina Gershon
... Full story

Anna Nicole Smith Has a Wardrobe Malfunction
... Full story

Comics We'd Like to See: Arlo and Jezebel
With apologies to Arlo and Janis... Full story

Mail Fraud
Stupid Drawings from a stupid stupid man... Full story

The Genius-Beasts: Charleze Theron

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