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GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad a Big Bust

GoDaddy ad for the Super Bowl

JACKSONVILLE, Florida — NFL executives were caught by surprise when Fox aired a commercial for showing a strap falling off the shoulder of a girl with humongous breasts, but they and Fox were prepared for any wardrobe malfunctions by halftime show singer, Paul McCartney. While Paul sang an appropriately warlike Live and Let Die, the former pot-smoking Beatle was nevertheless considered a security risk. Here's what the censors had planned:

If Paul had exposed his thingy, the censors were ready to block it with a beer bottle. Only problem was a large hand would have popped the top!
If Paul had exposed his love handles, they were ready to block them with Firestone spare tires!
If Paul's hair had looked too dyed, they would have superimposed Carrot Top's hair!
For any other wardrobe malfunction, they would have cut to MC Hammer!

Julio Cesar, KDANTEATER and Van Gross, MD

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