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Martha's Confinement to 153-Acre Estate is Cruel and Unusual Punishment
... Full story

Open Letter from Martin Scorsese to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
What the f**k do I have to do to win an Oscar... Full story

Hillary Joins Religious Right, Will Run as a Republican
... Full story

West Virginia Boys Sue State for Being Abused by Totally Skanky Teacher
... Full story

Sean Connery to Quit Movies: "Shcrew Hollywood!"
An exclusive interview with the star of the James Bond movies... Full story

Bush Diary - The Problum With Social Security is That it Costs a Lot!
... Full story

Larry Summers Says College Presidents in Their 50's Tend to Be Fat and Ugly
... Full story

Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek at the Oscars
... Full story

Phil Mickelson Takes Some Wood
... Full story

The Sign Says it All
Tell tale signs... Full story

Jim La Jungle: Leonardo DiCapirio
Comic book cover by blorno... Full story

The Contrarian
Stupid Drawings from a stupid stupid man... Full story

Comics We'd Like to See: BC Arab

With apologies to BC.

Big Boat

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