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Weekly World News Admits to Story Fabrication

Weekly World News

BOCA RATON, Florida — The Weekly World News acknowledged today that it made up a story.

The elite circles of the journalistic world, already reeling from the scandals involving Jayson Blair at The New York Times and Jack Kelley at USA Today, were shocked by this newest revelation. Weekly World News chief senior correspondent for interplanetary affairs, Borgrat Klingodon, admitted to fabricating a story published in the first week in April, 1994, which said that Hillary Clinton was from the planet Gorgon VIII.

Ms. Klingodon said that she created the story "from whole cloth" in an effort to sabotage ongoing negotiations between the Gorgon Alliance and Borgbitria over the galactic boundaries between Constellation X-11-b and the Star Cluster Zrat17. Ms. Klingodon apologized to the readers of the Weekly World News for misleading them as well as to the inhabitants of Gorgon for defaming their collective character.

Gary Salguod Gaddy

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