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Jennifer Lopez Has Been Letting People See Her Fur in Public

jennifer lopez

LOS ANGELES — Jennifer Lopez has been appearing in public and letting complete strangers see her fur. And, like her butt, her fur is big!

"She has a 1970's porn look," said one appreciative man who saw her fur. "I dig it because I am into 1970's porn."

She sported her fur at a preview of her new movie, Monster-in-Law, in Los Angeles. Protesters from PETA were out in force to protest the public flaunting of her fur. They erected a 30-foot inflatable beaver and a huge banner saying, "Fur - Leave it to Beaver."

But bystanders were smirking at the pun.

A spokeswoman for Lopez said she was very fond of her fur. "She takes very good care of it," she said, "and it always brushing it and stroking it. She even has it cleaned once a year."

Julio Cesar

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