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Tom Cruise Explodes With Desire for Katie Holmes
... Full story

Britney Spears' Diary - Kevin Got Another Backup Singer Pregnant!
... Full story

Ben Affleck Denies He is the Father of Jennifer Garner's Baby
... Full story

Michael Jackson Feels a Little Prick
... Full story

Bush Diary - I Visit the Ball-Ticklers; I Drive RasPutin's Stupid Car
... Full story

Bush Senior Adopts Bill Clinton
... Full story

Jeb Bush Appointed "Country Roads,' the Secretary of Transportation
... Full story

Prince Harry Enters British Army, Invades France
... Full story

Apes Taught Speech Promise World Domination
... Full story

Cute Cat Photos
Don’t tell PETA... Full story

Did You Hear the One About the Dyslexic Agnostic With Insomnia?
A dyslexia joke by Laurie, plus more “Anagrams by Laurie”... Full story

The Gay Corinthian: Ben Affleck
Comic book cover by blorno... Full story

Comics We'd Like to See: The Wizard of Idiot
With apologies to The Wizard of Id... Full story

Separated at Birth: Pope Benedict and The Evil Emperor from Star Wars

pope benedict birth

Mike Pasternack

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