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Bush Diary - Star Wars is All About Me; the Dark Side is a Metaphor for Oil!
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Mary Kay Letourneau Weds Former Student, Sells Wedding Pics to Kiddie Porn Mag
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Al Jazeerah Claims Saddam Underpants Photo a Fake, Releases "Authentic" Version
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Arabs Cancel Newsweek Subscriptions, But Will Miss Anna Quindlen's Column
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Koreans Clone Hannity and Colmes
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Rapists Given Viagra, Paid For by Medicaid
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Jack Palethorpe Uncovers the Flap Over Miss Universe Bikini Contest
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To Confuse Spies, CIA Names Intelligence Center After George Bush
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Man Offers Free Mammograms
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Dog Baby
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Sea Hunt: Orlando Bloom
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Comics We'd Like to See: Willie "n Ethel Anal Sex
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How the Sub-Editors at The New York Times Do Their Work

         Reporter's             Sub-Editor's
          Theme                    Headline

Subject: Op Ed Page
David Brooks is the only sane Op Ed page
columnist; the rest write bogus liberal drivel.

Note to self: reassign Brooks to writing about potholes in Queens.

Emma Dubin

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