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Bush Diary - At Least the War in Eye-Rack is Becoming Civil
... Full story

Senator Durbin, Finally Apologizing for Guantanamo Slur, Says "˜Suck My ****'
... Full story

What the Publisher Got For Paying Felt for His Recollections as Deep Throat
... Full story

Women Rushing to Deactivate Their Brains to Increase Their Orgasms
... Full story

Research Shows That When Men Get Aroused, Their Brains Go Completely Blank

Saddam Hussein Launches
... Full story

I Want to Pork a Hilton
Mark Fisher reviews I Want to Be a Hilton... Full story

Paris Hilton and Her Mom Get Real
... Full story

Angelina Checks Out Brad's Equipment
... Full story

Tom Cruise Pops the Question
... Full story

Jay Leno Eulogizes Michael Jackson at His Funeral
... Full story

Maria Sharapova Loves to Serve
... Full story

The Unforgiving: Jay Leno
Comic book cover by blorno... Full story

Comics We'd Like to See: BC Hodown
With apologies to BC... Full story

God is an Artist

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