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Matt Lauer Lapses Into Coma After Lecture From Tom Cruise
... Full story

Michael Jackson to Search for Found Utah Boy
... Full story

Bush Invades Aruba With American Army of Outsourced Indians
... Full story

Reader Poll: Women Want Jessica Simpson's Hair
... Full story

Egyptian Foreign Minister Urges Ohio and Florida to Hold Fair Elections
Egyptians respond to criticism from Condoleeza Rice... Full story

Michael Bolton Selected as US Ambassador to UN, Kenny G to Succeed Kofi Annan
... Full story

Bush Diary - Appointing Lighting Bolt in My Recess Break, Before My Nap
... Full story

Critics Say Klein Book Attacking Hillary is Full of Errors; She's Actually Worse
... Full story

Separated at Birth: Runaway Bride and Marty Feldman
... Full story

... Full story

Kit Carson: Bruce Willis
Comic book cover by blorno... Full story

Comics We'd Like to See: BC Snowballs
With apologies to BC... Full story

Robodude Exercise

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