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Kobe Bryant Resumes Ads for Nike: "Want Sex? Just Do It."

Kobe Bryant nike ad Bryant
Kobe just does it

LOS ANGELES — Nike has resumed using Kobe Bryant in its ads, as part of its $45 million endorsement deal with the Lakers' star.

"Bryant ranks among the very best players in the NBA," said a Nike spokeswoman," and you know what I mean by player, don't you? He's a ladies' man, that one! Anyway, back on the subject of sport, preparation is a key part of his game. So is protection. Kobe uses protection now. And he has good lawyers on retainer in case the girls cry rape."

McDonald's and Nutella, which also had endorsement deals with Bryant, have not resumed using Bryant's name or likeness in their ads.

"We don't think forced sex is consistent with Happy Meals," said a McDonald's spokesman.

"Nor with chocolate sauce," said a Nutella spokesman.

Story by Emma Dubin. Photo by Mike Pasternack

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