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War on Terror Birds Ordered by Revenge-Seeking President
... Full story

Inequality, Racism, Poverty, Joblessness - Bush's America? Chirac's France!
... Full story

Paris is Burning
... Full story

Paris Hilton Diary - I Get Coked Out; Peeing in Public
... Full story

Men Riot After Police Arrest Panthers' Cheerleaders for Having Sex in Bathroom Stall
... Full story

French Give Bono an Award for Not Being an American
Jacques Chirac honors the lead singer of the band Vous Deux... Full story

"We Blow Kisses at Zee Muslim" - Chirac
... Full story

Bush Diary - Play Bushoploy: Spaces for Gay Hide, Global Warmup, Go Straight to Torture
... Full story

Osama bin Laden = Do a Lesbian, Man
More anagrams by Laurie... Full story

Recipes of the World: Jamaican Ganja Cake
Join our world tour of culinary delights... Full story

No Quarter: George Bush
Comic book cover by blorno... Full story

Hugo Ballz Looks at Boobs

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