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Fox Cancels Cartoon Series About Mohammed

My Little Mohamed

NEW YORK — Despite earning high ratings with its new show, the Fox Network has cancelled the animated comedy series, My Little Mohammed. The show features a turbaned child who loves to act up in school and play tricks on his family and friends.

"This is a voluntary move and has nothing to do with the riots in the Middle East over cartoons of Mohammed appearing in European newspapers," a Fox spokesman said.

It was learned that almost all of the 53 hostages taken at Fox Network headquarters had been released unharmed. The fate of special correspondent, Geraldo Rivera, remains unknown. Authorities became concerned for his safety when his nose arrived in a Rolex watch box.

The last hostage to be released, the social critic and right-wing pundit, Ann Coulter, was discovered wandering around an airport with her skirt tied around her head and so attracted little attention. Coulter, who shortly before her abduction claimed that, "Even Islamic terrorists don't hate America like liberals do," is now reported to have changed her mind.

"They kept calling me their "Little Falafel,' she wept, "It was horrifying!"

"We will miss the little prophet at Fox, and we'll all remember him fondly," the spokesman concluded. "We'll recall his many popular sayings and phrases."

The character is credited for starting the popular expressions, "Don't have a Sullyman!", "I-ee-koranda!" and a number of others.

Fox announced that it still plans to release its animated series, Mañana, Mi Gordocito, (Tomorrow, My Little Fat One), featuring an overweight Mexican teenager who won't work. Despite warnings by Mexican officials and Mexican-American advocacy groups that the program is offensive to Hispanics, Fox reports that the series is becoming increasingly popular among Asian-American, African-American, and Anglo-American middle-class audiences.

Sim Namore

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