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Doc Savage: Steve Martin
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Hugo Ballz: Robodude Orders a Pizza
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Camel Dung to Remain the Name of Iranian Pastries Sold in Denmark

danish pastries + iran Camel

COPENHAGEN — Camel Dung will continue as the name for an Iranian pastries sold in Denmark despite Iran's renaming of Danish pastries.

"It's our gift of reconciliation," said Danish Ambassador, Sven Lindborg, as he readied a helping of Iranian food and beverage for his mongrel dog.

In reaction to Danish cartoons derogatory of the Prophet Mohammed, Iran had switched the names of "śDanish Pastries' sold in the Persian country to "śRoses of Mohammed' pastries. Although Danes toyed with the idea of retaliating with "śShiite Sh*t' and "śRoses Du Raghead Animal,' Lindborg explained that Danes decided to dispense with the war of words and "simply keep on using the crap they send us to supplement the diet of stray and rabid animals in Denmark."Ł

In a related story, Israel has decided to celebrate the upcoming holiday of Purim by dropping from bombers millions of the famous triangular Hamentashen cookies on the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

An unnamed Israeli government official said that "Ahmadinejad wants to rename the cookies as "śblasphemous Jew food,' but we are not big on that revision. Rather, we like the idea of renaming him President "śNot Breathing Anymore.'"Ł

Van Gross, MD

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