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Arabs Start Beheadings at US Ports, Seize Carnival Cruise Lines
... Full story

Hamdi, You're a Fine UAE Operative
Sung to the tune of Brandy, You’re a Fine Girl... Full story

Bush Touts Success of the Nation's Soup Kitchens
... Full story

Ford Reveals New Solar-Assisted Mustang
... Full story

Summer's End
Larry Summers is driven out by Arts Faculty at Harvard... Full story

Hallucinogenic Tea Attracts Cult Followers From Midwest
... Full story

India Runs Out of Workers, Subcontracts Outsourcing to West Virginia
... Full story

Hello Kitty
... Full story

World's Shortest and Longest Names Found
... Full story

Alaska Girl Selected as Beauty Queen
... Full story

Desparate Auto Dealers Give Away Free Sh*t
... Full story

Bad Dog II
... Full story

Cowboy Comics: George and Laura Bush
Comic book cover by blorno... Full story

Hugo Ballz: A Message From the University Administration

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