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Media Says Withdrawing Troops Would Be a Disaster, Belatedly Endorses Bush
... Full story

Pelosi is Rebuffed on Her Choice for House Leader, Becomes a Lame Duck
... Full story

Milton Friedman Dies, Clearing Way for Democrats to Abandon Free Markets
... Full story

Bush Wants to Stop Making Decisions
Not fun any more being the Decider-in-Chief... Full story

Feingold Drops Presidential Bid: "What Do I Do With My Feingold Thong?"
... Full story

Ron Goldman's Father Publishes a Book Titled "If I Kill O.J.'
... Full story

Head-Out Parker Enraged at Rachael Ray, the TV Chef
... Full story

Multicultural Couple Celebrate Lotto Win Despite Being Dead
... Full story

Married - Divorced - Remarried: If Halle Berry Married John Kerry "
... Full story

Ask Dr. Sawtooth: My 9-Year Old Wants a $527 Playstation. What Should I Do?
... Full story

Romanian Humor: Bush Asks Saddam One Last Question
By Mihai Matei... Full story

The Iron Virgin: Nicole Kidman
Comic book cover by blorno... Full story

Hugo Ballz: Sea Creatures

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