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cavuto neil
Scientist are morons!

For those of you who saw Al Gore's Penguin Army on YouTube, the sequel is out, and it is in your local theater. The film Happy Feet is an animated Inconvenient Truth without the boring truths or Godless facts. Those cute little animated penguins are actually terrorists disguised as flightless birds - feathery Greenpeace activists, if you will.

I am not taking my children to see any more Hollywood propaganda because I do not feel that my children should be forced to conform to another person's thought process. So I am keeping them safe by keeping them home, though they might not appreciate what I am doing for them yet. My kids were bored that it was a two-hour movie, and they do not even fall asleep in church. I may have to petition my kids' school to have a creationist-friendly curriculum if they show Gore's garbage in class.

Speaking of which, our nation's schools turned down free copies of Al Gore's film that would have been shown in our classrooms. They chose to show a film from the oil industry instead. That and Fox News alerts are what our kids really need to see. Who cares about global warming? As long as they get to watch Fox News everything is right in the world.

Why do scientists need to study for years to conclude something? I already concluded something in two seconds. Scientists are morons! I based it on the fact that I personally disliked Happy Feet, and that is enough for me. Keep these dangerous ideas out of our kid's heads by staying home and watching Fox News Channel. It's the only news station broadcasting straight from the White House!


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