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John Kerry: Jokes That Kill
... Full story

Spitzer is Still Mystified by the Leaks in All His Investigations
... Full story

Judge Strikes Down Bush's Freeze of Terrorist Assets, But Arrests Lawyers
... Full story

Bush Diary - A Piece Sine is a Symbol of Satan!
... Full story

Neil Cavuto: Al Gore's Brutal and Ruthless Penguin Army Attacks!
... Full story

Jet Player Found Not to Have a Real Name
... Full story

O.J.: "If I Did It, Lemme Show You How'
... Full story

Ed Bradley Corpse to Become Michael Richards' "Apology Lover"
... Full story

Size Matters: Kim's Bomb is Wimpy
... Full story

Scientists Find a Way to Use Cotton for Food
... Full story

Ask Dr. Sawtooth: Where Can I Get Some Peace and Tranquility?
... Full story

Romanian Humor: Laura Wants a Divorce
By Mihai Matei... Full story

Dynasty of the Devil: Britney Spears
Comic book cover by blorno... Full story

Hugo Ballz: Samo and Junkfood

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