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Nation Looks to Vernon Jordan to Decide the New Iraq War Policy
... Full story

Iraq Study Group is Inseparable, Hangs Out Together
... Full story

Sectarian Way Breaks Out in Iraq Study Group
... Full story

Top 10 New Middle Names for Barack Obama
... Full story

Guess What the Left Hand is Used for in Muslim Countries
... Full story

Floriduh Concerned with New Discrimination Threat: Being Treated as Dumb
Just because we are the land of the mentally retarded... Full story

Anagrams by Laurie: John Kerry = Horny Jerk
... Full story

Ask Dr. Sawtooth: Hurricane Insurance and Global Warming
... Full story

Bush Listens to Advice and Acts Accordingly
... Full story

Top 10 Reasons Britney Spears Went Out Without Her Briefs
... Full story

Romanian Humor: Civil War
By Mihai Matei... Full story

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman: Lindsey Lohan
Comic book cover by blorno... Full story

Hugo Ballz: Zen Wrapped in Karma

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