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Obama: 'Lack of Experience My Greatest Asset,' and Other Whoppers
... Full story

Hillary: "I Will Fix Health Care Real Good This Time'
... Full story

Bush Diary - Victory In I-Rock Is A-Surge
... Full story

Bush to Sell 10 States to China to Balance the Budget
... Full story

Medics Tried to Revive Anna Nicole with a Chest Massage
... Full story

Howard K. Stern Found to be Daughter of Howard K. Smith and Howard Stern
... Full story

New Harvard President, a Woman, is No Good at Math and Science
... Full story

Paris Hilton is Famous for Being Famous, and Now For Having Herpes
... Full story

Al Gore Calls New York Snowstorm a Cruel Hoax
... Full story

Unknown NBA Player is the First Without Felony Conviction or Rape Charge
... Full story

Romanian Humor: Look Ma, No Hands
By Mihai Matei... Full story

The Mind Rovers: Hilary Swank
Comic book cover by blorno... Full story

Hugo Ballz: Cuckold

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