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Taco Bell Rolls Out Rat Menu Nationwide
... Full story

"˜Iranians Will See Us as Liberators'
... Full story

Bush Declares "˜Mission Accomplished' in Fixing Veterans' Hospitals
... Full story

Clinton to Obama: "˜Hands Off Blacks, They're Mine'
... Full story

Edwards Sues Coulter Obstetrician For Allowing Aborted Fetus to Linger for 45 Years
... Full story

Massacre Misfire May Explain Latest Cheney Blood Clot
... Full story

Liz Hurley Marries Indian Guy, Gets Diarrhea at Wedding Breakfast
... Full story

Bad Signs - Wheel of Fortune
... Full story

Hunters Out of Space: George Bush
Comic book cover by blorno... Full story

Hugo Ballz: Captain Environment

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