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NEW YORK — Shock jock Don Imus was fired by CBS despite his public apology, which was accepted by the Rutgers women's basketball team he had called "nappy headed hos." But national offensiveness adjudicator, Al Sharpton, dismissed Imus's apology.

"We can't let him off the hook just because he apologized," he said. "That would leave me without an issue."

"What I did was make a stupid, idiotic mistake in a comedy context," said Imus.

"That's true," said Sharpton, "but what is worse, a tasteless joke for which you apologize, or a tasteless political statement for which you don't apologize? Jesse Jackson never apologized for calling New York "Hymietown.' Why should he? It's true! And I never apologized for the false accusations I made in the Tawana Brawley case. But did Jesse or I get fired? Of course not. Why? Because we're not racists.

"Imus, on the other hand, attacked a whole group of people in ugly graphic terms, and that's racist " if the group of people are black. It's time to change the culture of publicly degrading other people " except, maybe, the police and Hymies."

President Bush said he stood by Imus and thought he was doing a heck of a job.

Emma Dubin

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