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Political Cartoon: Beating the Drums of War
... Full story

Henry Kissinger Is Appointed To Conduct September 11 Witch Hunt
President Bush has named Henry Kissinger to lead a commission... Full story

Nicolas Cage And Lisa Marie Presley Split
"Being married to Nicolas was a big mistake"... Full story

Just As Well They Didn't Have Children: Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley
Imagine what a child of Nicolas and Lisa Marie would have looked like... Full story

Russian President Putin Grosses Out Chinese President Jiang Zemin
... Full story

Jay Leno Jokes With Homeland Security Czar, Tom Ridge

ridge leno

Jay Leno Jokes With Homeland Security Czar, Tom Ridge

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Justice Department Wants People To Snitch On Fellow Citizens (7-Aug-02)

Jay Leno Under Fire Over Joke About Koreans and Dog Meat (6-Mar-02)

Entertainment v. News: ABC Will Drop Ted Koppel's "Nightline" if it Can Get Dave Letterman (13-Mar-02)

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