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Final Flight of the Osiris

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Baghdad Press Association Holds a Roast in Honor of Peter Arnett

peter arnett

BAGHDAD — After being fired by NBC for giving an interview on Iraqi television and saying that the US war plan against Saddam Hussein had failed, Peter Arnett was honored by the Baghdad Press Association.

The roast was held in the burning headquarters of the Association's building, which has sustained heavy damage from the failed attack on Baghdad.

The three members of the Association, Uday and Qusay Hussein and a Saddam Look-a-Like, told jokes about Arnett, such as "What does a New Zealand reporter who can't get work since the Gulf War do when he finally gets a job covering this war?" "He f**ks it up!!!"

They also presented him with a key to the city. "Unfortunately, we can't find the lock," said the Look-a-Like. "It was vaporized."

Arnett said he was greatly honored by the roast, and that he would like to tape an interview with the Look-a-Like and pretend he was the real thing.

"I can't do that," said the Look-a-Like. "I already gave an interview to Dan Rather."

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