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Catherine Zeta-Jones Sues Gynecology Magazine Over Photos Showing Her Giving Birth to Her Daughter
Please don't sue us, Michael Douglas... parody is fair use... Full story

US is Concerned About Attempt by Al-Haig to Seize Power in Iraq
Reagan's Secretary of State resurfaces in Baghdad... Full story

Santorum Says His Remarks on Homosexuality Were In Context
... Full story

Dixie Chicks Go Nude to Protest Declining CD Sales
It gets Jack Palethorpe's attention... Full story

Jack Palethorpe, in Pursuit of Models
In hot pursuit... Full story

Sexual Harassment Increases in the Navy as the Iraq War Winds Down
... Full story

Monica Lewinsky's Reality Show Sucks

monica reality

Monica Lewinsky with all the people she had sex with this week

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Lucky Thanksgiving Turkey Receives a Presidential Pardon (28-Nov-01)

Celebrity Boxing Scores Big (20-Mar-02)

Clinton's Dog Dies in Car Accident (9-Jan-02)

Does Anybody Want to Listen to Clinton/Dole "Point-Counterpoint" on '60 Minutes'? (12-Mar-03)

Clinton Seeks Fresh Supply Of Young Interns (18-Sep-02)

I Finally Get to Meet Bono and Bill Clinton (26-Feb-03)

Hillary Clinton to Elope With Elton John (24-Apr-02)

Anna Nicole Smith Reality TV Show Is A Big Bust (7-Aug-02)

Ad Describing Paula Zahn as "Sexy" is Pulled (16-Jan-02)

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