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Jay Leno and Katie Couric Switch Jobs, Underwear, Lovers

couric leno

NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES — Jay Leno and Katie Couric switched jobs for a day, with Couric hosting 'The Tonight Show' and Leno co-hosting 'The Today Show' with balding Matt Lauer. The result was a ratings success during sweeps week, even if Couric is no comedian.

Couric pulled in a bigger ratings increase than Leno did. The 'Tonight' ratings were up 42%, while the 'Today' ratings were up only 9%. But Leno says he was not concerned about the disparity. "I was dragged down by Matt Lauer," said Jay.

But jobs are not all they swapped. Jay borrowed some of Katie's clothes, including her lacy underwear. Katie tried on Jay's bras but said they were too big.

They also swapped romantic partners. Katie said she felt a little awkward making out with Leno's wife, but Jay said he was impressed by Katie's boyfriend.

"Now I know why she has such a big grin all the time," he quipped.

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