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Bush Calls for War on Kerryism
... Full story

Cheney Says That if Kerry Were President We Wouldn't Have All This Trouble in Iraq
... Full story

Love Canal Cleanup Finished, Mutants Return to Homes
... Full story

Conservatives Are Worried That Lesbians Love Laura Bush
... Full story

Blood Oozes From Taiwan President's Stomach After Assassination Attempt
... Full story

Hamas Leader Killed by a Missile: His 'Road Map for Peace' Came with a Global Positioning System
... Full story

Tampax Launches a New Ad Campaign: "We're Not #1! But We're Way Up There!"
... Full story

Catholic Nun Surfs the Internet for Young Studs
... Full story

"My Boyfriend Asked Me to Give Him a Hummer" - Letter to the Wizard of Love
You can ask the Wizard anything... Full story

A Very Special Lesson
Stupid Drawings from a stupid stupid guy... Full story

Radiant Love: Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones

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Comic Book Covers by Blorno: Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones

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