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Larry King Denies that 'Depends' Found in His Trash Are His

NEW YORK — Talk show host, Larry King, has denied that some soiled Depends found in his trash are his, despite the fact that they are monogrammed with the initials "LK."

"They don't belong to me," said King. "I don't even know what Depends is, or are."

King also denied that empty bottles of false teeth cleaner, empty tubes of Preparation H, empty bottles of hair dye, empty packets of Viagra, and an Austin Powers Penis Enlarger pump were his.

"I don't know what any of that stuff is or how it got into my trash," said King. "I don't use any of those products, and I can definitely hold my water."

He then had to excuse himself and run to the bathroom.

Meanwhile, the Office of Homeland Security is investigating reports that Larry King, who has an unusually large cranium, is an extraterrestrial.


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