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FCC Chairman is Aroused by Nicollette Sheridan in "Desperate Housewives" Promo

nicollette sheridan
Nicollette Sheridan gets steamy with Terrell Owens
WASHINGTON, DC — The FCC is reviewing complaints about ABC's steamy promotion for Desperate Housewives shown before Monday Night Football. The agency's Chairman, Colin Powell's son Michael, expressed disappointment over the incident.

"Basically, I can tell if a TV show is going to cause offence to conservative viewers by what I call the Powell Arousal Index," said Powell. "I was really getting turned on by Nicollette Sheridan in the promo, but I was disappointed it was over too quickly. I was left holding the baby, as you might say."

"Nicollette was naked, wrapped in a towel and making a play for Philadelphia Eagles' Terrell Owens in an empty locker room. She dropped her towel and asked him to be late for the game. He said yes. Personally, I don't like that much dialogue in my porn."

"Since she was with a footballer, I tried to keep spanking the monkey while watching the Monday Night Football game. But the game wasn't that inspiring, so I switched to pay-per-view."

Julio Cesar

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