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Stop the World! Bryant Gumbel Tells CBS He is Quitting "The Early Show"

bryant gumbel
Everybody Loves Bryant
NEW YORK — Bryant Gumbel, the former king of early morning television as host of NBC's "Today Show", has announced that he is leaving his current job as host of CBS's "The Early Show".

Stock markets around the world were ordered closed and the Fed immediately injected money into the banking system. President Bush urged calm, and Bono was immediately whisked to an undisclosed location.

At NBC, the arrogant Gumbel inherited the anchor slot at "Today," long established as America's top morning show. At "Today" Gumbel insisted on being sole "host" and having poor little Jane Pauley designated as "co-host". Gumbel left "Today" to try his hand at a prime time show on CBS. That was a flop, so Gumbel was relegated to the early morning time slot. That must have galled Gumbel. Is it the singer or the song?

After three years of his morning show being a distant third to NBC and ABC, Gumbel said it was time to move on.

We couldn't agree more.

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