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Ashcroft is Offended by Nude Statue at Justice Department
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Wife of Enron Chairman Cries Poor
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Mike Tyson Puts His Connecticut Home on the Market for $22 Million
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Austin Powers is Forced to Let Go of His "Goldmember"
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Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson Jump on the Enron Bandwagon
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'Moulin Rouge' and 'A Beautiful Mind' Vie for Oscars

beautiful mind
A mind is a terrible thing
HOLLYWOOD — "Moulin Rouge" and "A Beautiful Mind" took top honors at the Golden Globe awards, but in different categories, and now they must go head to head for the Oscars.

"A Beautiful Mind", starring Russell Crowe, is about a brilliant mathematician who is a nutcase. "Moulin Rouge" stars Nicole Kidman as a hooker in a bawdy French nightclub. So the Oscar contest is between a beautiful mind and a dirty mind.

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