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Rep. Dingell is Strip Searched at an Airport
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Carlos the Jackal to Marry His Lawyer
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President Bush is Attacked by a Pretzel
President George W. Bush was attacked... Full story

Britain's Prince Harry Visits an Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center
Prince Harry, the younger son of the late Diana, Princess of Wales... Full story

Enron's Accounting Firm Destroyed Documents
Enron's external auditor, Arthur Andersen... Full story

Yada Yada Yada! Talk is Cheap, But Very Expensive

talk magazine
It's just all Talk
NEW YORK — Talk magazine, launched with great fanfare two and a half years ago, has burned through $55 million of cash.

The magazine, formed by Disney's Miramax Films and Hearst Magazines, with Tina Brown as editor, was supposed to provide movie ideas for Miramax films. Instead, it has pushed Miramax stars in its interviews. Ms. Brown is known for "celebrity journalism," i.e., trivial trash. At 25, she revived Britain's Tatler magazine with saucy articles, and turned Vanity Fair in the US into a celebrity-driven circulation success. But when she tarted up The New Yorker literary magazine with photos and shorter articles, she flopped. She was rescued with the offer from Miramax to start Talk.

So, can the "queen of celebrity journalism" talk her way out of this mess?

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