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Hurley in Pink
Steady diet of Liz Hurley
LONDON — Steve Bing, identified by a DNA sample as the father of Elizabeth Hurley's baby, obviously has no sense of humor.

When the London tabloid, the Daily Mirror, which serves up a steady diet of Liz Hurley to its readers, ran a story about Liz's friends calling him "Bing Laden," Bing sued the newspaper for $40 million, complaining also that the newspaper had given his phone number to its readers and encouraged them to call and give him hell.

Since it is relatively easy to win libel suits in the UK (thank god we're in the good old USA!), the Mirror ran an apology to Bing in return for Bing dropping the suit.

But those Brits are witty chaps, and the "apology" was somewhat exaggerated ("A humble and sincere apology to Mr. Steve Bing, philanthropist and humanitarian"). The "apology" ran opposite an article about how Americans "can't understand irony or sarcasm."

Bing's lawyer says Bing is now considering whether to revive his lawsuit against the newspaper.

This is the same Bing who, prior to his paternity being proven by DNA tests, told another British tabloid, The Sun, that, in Hurley falsely claiming he was the father of her child, "That bitch has ruined my life."

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