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Woody Allen Wins Spanish Award, But Says He's Not Worthy

Woody with Miller
Woody with Arthur Miller
OVIEDO, SPAIN — Woody Allen received Spain's most prestigious award, the Prince of Asturias Award, but said he did not feel worthy alongside other honorees, who included the Brazilian soccer team and playwright Arthur Miller.

When our reporter caught up with Mr. Allen after the awards ceremony, he was ranting about the US movie industry ("all they care about is money") and praising European cinema ("they at least try to make movies for adults")

"I'm not worthy. I'm just a nebbish," he said. "The Brazilian soccer team can score from any angle, whereas I can't whatever angle I try. And Arthur Miller actually slept with Marilyn Monroe! All I've got is Soon-Yi. She's a nice kid, but she's no Marilyn. Now, Marilyn had bazooms that came out to here," he said, extending his arm to its full length.

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