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Democrats Use Non-Binding Resolutions to Govern

pelosi whip
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Nancy Pelosi has announced that, for the next two years, House Democrats will use non-binding resolutions to govern.

"The American people have given us a mandate to implement our policies," said Pelosi, "and what better way to do that than to pass non-binding resolutions!

"Non-binding resoultions don't really achieve anything, but they do express the will of the people," she said, "or at least the will of the House Democrats.

"This way, we can take credit if things work out and avoid the blame if they don't. Not even Bill Clinton, with his triangulation, thought of such a clever approach!

"I would like to conclude by saying it was not me who asked for the bigger plane, but my security people."

Emma Dubin

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