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Colin Powell Tells Harry Belafonte He Likes Being Bush's "House Slave"
"The perks are better inside the White House"... Full story

Bono Says the "F" Word on Network TV
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Naked Cowboy Shrivels in Really Frigid Weather
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Worldwide Web Worm Targets News Parody Sites
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Catherine Zeta-Jones is Thrilled That Renee Zellweger Stole Her Golden Globe
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Lara Flynn Boyle Wins "Most Ridiculous Dress" at the Golden Globes
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National Geographic Produces a Swimsuit Issue

ng swimsuits
WASHINGTON, DC — National Geographic, which normally features close-up photos of frogs and photo spreads of wrinkled old tribal men in Papua New Guinea, has come up with a new strategy to boost its flaccid circulation. It has hired Tina Brown as editor and will start to use sex and fashion to sell itself.

"We're taking aim at the Sports Illustrated/ Maxim/ FHM laddie market, but with a nod to the Cosmopolitan/ Glamour/ Mademoiselle woman's market, with articles on Push His Pleasure Buttons, and Guaranteed Orgasms," said Tiny Brain when we interviewed her in her new office at National Geographic. Gazing around the office, she said, "This pith helmet will have to go. Also, I'll need a bigger expense account."

She has plans to hold a big, expensive party full of celebrities, and to rev up the magazine with interviews of celebrities hawking movies and books.

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