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bono gg
HOLLYWOOD — After Bono won a Golden Globe for some music, he said the "F" word on network TV. He snuck it into the live broadcast before the network execs could bleep it. Thus Bono becomes a pioneer not only for forgiving third world debt but also for liberating network TV from decency.

"It's cool to say the "F" word," said Bono after the award ceremony, "especially when it's me that says it. It wouldn't be hip if Paul O'Neill said it. In fact, he did say it when he learned he had been fired by President Bush. It wasn't hip."

Bono, in addition to being an Irish rock star, is also Vice President of the United States, following Dick Cheney's demise, and Secretary of the Treasury, following O'Neill's firing.

"Do you think that using the "F" word will help with your campaign on third world debt?" asked our reporter. "F*** no," he replied, "but it's f***ing cool to say it."

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