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Final Flight of the Osiris

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Fed Up With the United Nations, US Will Turn UN Headquarters into Condos
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Baghdad Press Association Holds a Roast in Honor of Peter Arnett
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Rumsfeld is Criticized For Not Ending the War in One Week
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PETA Protests Treatment of Chickens in War in Iraq
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Rugby Fans Brave SARS
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Al Jazeerah Hires Geraldo Rivera

geraldo rivera
Herr al-Doh
BAGHDAD — After the US military insisted that Fox News remove former talk show host, Geraldo Rivera, from the battlefield for giving away US troop locations and movements, Geraldo has landed a job with the Al Jazeerah news agency.

"Talk about an overreaction by the Pentagon," said Geraldo. "All I did was draw a map in the sand and compromise the lives of the members of the 101st Airborne, the brave 'Screaming Eagles' made famous by Steven Spielberg in Band of Brothers. Now if I'd been a reporter in Normandy, I could have helped the Germans and made the invasion a more balanced affair. That would have been even better television."

"Most war correspondents haven't been talk show hosts," said Geraldo, "and most Generals haven't been, either. They don't know how to get a proper debate going. Both sides need ammunition, and you have to know where your opponent is standing."

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