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Murdoch's Infant Daughter Grace to Run Star TV, His Dog to Run the New York Post

grace murdoch
Grace and Dirty Digger join the management ranks at News Corp.
NEW YORK — Following the installation of Rupert Murdoch's 30-year old son, James, as head of the BSkyB satellite TV service in London, the Board of News Corp. has installed other young Murdoch family members in key positions throughout the organization.

Murdoch's infant daughter with his third wife, Wendy Deng, will take over as head of the Star TV satellite service that James Murdoch had been running from Hong Kong. A spokesman for the Board denied that nepotism had played any role in the selection of Grace.

"Star TV's biggest market is China, and little Grace is the first Murdoch heir who is half Chinese," said the spokesperson. "When the baby does learn to talk, being able to speak Chinese will be a great asset for her and News Corp."

Murdoch's pug, Dirty Digger, has been named to run the New York Post, which is in a fierce competition with the Daily News and not succeeding in overcoming the News' dominance of subway strap hangers. Once again, the spokesperson for the Board denied that nepotism had been a factor.

Explaining how a dog had been selected over dozens of seasoned newspapermen, the News Corp. spokesman said that "Dirty Digger was the best qualified candidate to run the Post. We needed an aggressive leader who will snarl at local politicians and will piss on the competition. Rupert will be able to keep him on a short leash. Besides, Dirty Digger is a Republican."

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