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Virginia Primary: Women Over 60 with Alzheimer's Still Support Hillary

RICHMOND, Virginia, 2008-02-13 — Barack Obama crushed Hillary Clinton in the Virginia Democratic primary yesterday. With nearly all the Virginia vote counted, Senator Obama led Senator Clinton by 64 percent to 35 percent.

Obama's sweeping victory in Virginia was extraordinary in that he won the support of almost every demographic group, winning on race and gender lines, and with old and young people. According to exit polls, Obama won a majority of blacks, whites and Latinos, and men and women. He won 60 percent of the female vote " a demographic that has carried Clinton to success in past primaries.

In each successive primary, Obama has made inroads into groups that initially leaned Hillary's way. This is the first primary in which Hillary has lost the women's vote, but there is a silver lining. Women over 60 with Alzheimer's are still solidly in Hillary's camp. Exit polls showed that, in Virginia, 85% of women over 60 with Alzheimer's voted for Hillary, 15% voted for Obama and 55% voted for John F. Kennedy.

"I love that woman," said an Alzheimer's voter.

"What do you like about her," asked one reporter.

"Who?" she replied.

Emma Dubin

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