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Barack and Michelle Act Like Hicks in Europe

LONDON and PARIS, 2009-04-04 — Barack Obama declared that his debut appearance at the G20 meeting in London and his first visit to Europe as President were both great successes.

"I was unable to get the G20 to agree to spend recklessly like we are doing," said the President. "The European leaders blocked me, proving that we have moved America way beyond European socialism. That's a real accomplishment!

"NATO refused my request for more troops for Afghanistan. Hey, guys, I'm not George Bush, you're supposed to like me.

"But Michelle was the real star. She hugged everybody she met, because she's the new Lady Diana! That arm around the Queen? Great power play! And isn't Michelle beautiful? I love those humongous hips! She made that that svelte, rock star, Carla Bruni, look like a skinny model! Yuck!

"Michelle changed clothes six times a day, just like the Duchess of Windsor used to do. Some women who have recently lost their jobs might think that was frivolous on Michelle's part, but it is time to put aside partisan bickering and move this country forward. Michelle is America's new royalty! She spent more on her wardrobe each day than that commoner Sarah Palin did in the whole election campaign! But we didn't use campaign funds, we used some of the TARP money because what Michelle is doing is part of our stimulus program. It sure stimulated me!"

Emma Dubin

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