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Hamas Deploys its Own Mickey Mouse

GAZA, 2009-01-09 — The militant group Hamas this week announced they were bringing out their big guns in retaliation against Israel, by deploying the host of the Palestinian children's program, Become a Martyr for Farfour.

Farfour, dressed as Mickey Mouse, teaches kids how to bomb Israelis and Westerners. Now Farfour and his two friends, a giant bunny and a giant bee, are on the loose in the streets of Gaza.

President Bush is worried about the situation because he saw what giant bunnies, rats and bees did to the citizens of South Park Colorado and the world when the Peruvian flute players were imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay.

"What those guinea pigs did was the most tragic thing I ever saw," said the President, "we need to stop those giant guinea pigs. Get me the president of Peru-gay."

The three mascots of brainwash are now on the front lines in the Israeli ground war. The Israelis have begun referring to the brightly colored mascots as "sitting ducks" and "target practice." It may not be so simple though, as the mascots have AK-47's.

"Actually, we don't have AK-47's," said Farfour, hiding behind a cluster of garbage cans. "We spent our last dollar on our children's show but, if Allah is just, this banana peel will fly straight and true."


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