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South Park Creators Think Times Square Bomb Scare Was Really Funny

NEW YORK, 2010-05-01 — Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park, thought it was really cool that a Pakistani man tried to explode a bomb outside the Viacom headquarters in Times Square, New York, after they aired an episode depicting Mohammad in a bear suit.

"We have tried to provoke the Catholic church, Jews, blacks, gays and spastics with our frat humor," said Trey Parker, "but the most we've ever provoked before is a few letters and the occasional denunciation. But never a bomb!"

"Yeah," said Matt Stone, "it was way cool that he almost killed a hundred people or more. If he'd succeeded, that would have been icing on the cake!"

"As cutting-edge cartoonists," said Parker, "we need to feel that we are relevant and provocative. Until now, we've felt unfulfilled because people mostly laughed at what we did, and nobody got really, really mad. Now we feel much better."

Julio Cesar

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