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Obama Says There is a US Goal in Libya, But Declines to Reveal It

WASHINGTON, D.C., 2011-03-25 — In an address to the Nation, President Obama - accused by many of failing to explain the U.S. goal for the military intervention in Libya - said there was a U.S. goal in Libya, but now was not the time to reveal it.

“We do not want to give that information to our enemies,” he said, referring not only to Republicans but also to the national press corps.

“Make no mistake,” he added. “This is not a war. It is a kinetic military action. And there has been no terrorist attack on U.S. soil on my watch. An attack on concrete at a military base in Texas, an attack in the air over Detroit, and an attack on a car on rubber wheels or blacktop in Times Square, perhaps, but no soil was involved.”

“And stop calling me the ‘Leader of the Free World,’” he said. “I am not the Leader. I consult with others. We have not acted unilaterally. Some would say we have hardly acted at all. But this is an example of how things should work in the Post-American world. In a European way.

“The French President led the charge and now we have a Canadian in charge of NATO’s involvement. Imagine that!

“Would never have happened if you had elected Hillary!”

Emma Dubin

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