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State Stops Services to Public, Using All Tax Revenue to Pay Salaries and Pensions

CHICAGO, Illinois, 2011-04-01 — Illinois has decided to shut down all services to the public and to focus all of its tax revenue on paying the salaries and pensions of public employees.

Governor Pat Quinn said that pensions had risen to the point that the state could no longer afford to maintain services to the public.

He said that taxes would be increased by 5% this year and that state employees’ salaries will be increased by 2.5%.

“It is only fair that government employees’ salaries be increased, given that inflation is on the rise. Tax revenue will have to be increased by more than the salary increase because of pensions.

“Higher salaries translate to higher pensions.

“We think the taxpayers will understand. We made a promise in the 1950’s to state employees to pay them fair wages and gold plated pensions. We have to keep that promise.

“People say that the situation is unsustainable. Now that we have shut the doors, we can go on like this forever.”

Felix Frelinghuysen

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